Friday, June 6, 2014


    I would like to point out this unusual man crush I have. I say unusual because when you normally hear the term man crush, it is a hetrosexual man who admires another man in a in an nonsexual manner.  But in this case normal man crush rules do not apply. Why not? You might ask, well I will tell you.
   My man crush is none other then the beautiful Drew Berrymore. I've known about this woman for pretty much my whole life. I mean who really hasn't grown up with the Berrymores in some way or another, I mean c'mon they're true Hollywood royalty.
   Now I love Drew because well she had longevity in her career. She started acting when she was a young girl. The earliest  film I remember watching was E.T. were she played the younger sister of the main character. Fast forward a couple of years she is in rehab for substance abuse, being known not for acting credits but for being a complete train wreak that can't get right. Flashing David Letterman live on national television. She even has the cloud hanging over her head that she did pornography, allegedly of course; but still is  debated about to this very day.
    If you been living under a rock. Let me tell you she is no longer the same woman mentioned in the previous paragraph. She holds many titles and each one is more respectable than the last.
   To top it all off I'll mention it again. LONGEVITY!!! Drew has had to become more then just an actress over the years. Which if you don't remember that was hard because she was the original child star train wreak. Now this woman is a wife, mother, and buisness woman, along with being Hollywood royalty.