Saturday, October 5, 2013


 Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is an honest space dedicated to my ever expanding interests. Now I have  different rules for each area I'm interested in so I surest you just sit back and enjoy the ride while I tell you how thing around hear work.


 I have this huge habit on critiquing movies and giving them a scoring. Now at first glance it would just seem a film grad who lives with his mother in the basement talking crap about films he sees. 
Well I would have you know that I have my own apartment; thank you very much. And I try not to talk complete trash about the movies I have watch in theaters. So I came up with my own method on how to score movies.
1. HAVE AN IDEA WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH: This is by far the most important to of all the rules, because how the hell do you expect to know if you are going to like the movie if you don't know what the story is about.
2. IF THERE IS MORE THEN ONE MOVIE IN A PARTICULAR FRANCHISE YOU COUNT ALL THE MOVIES AS ONE MOVIE AS ONE MOVIE: Now this is a traecky to do manly because some film franchises have too many  installments to them, like any movie about James Bond.
3. WHIEGH THE PROS AND CONS TO THE MOVIE: I have this three strike method that is more forgiving then most other critics. For every significant con a movie has I try to find redeeming qualities or traits to cancel out each con to a movie. (I.E. Man of Steel three cons being poor casting, weak antagonist, swell as a complete worthless fight sequence with the primary villain in the movie.)


So this is a very simple thing I do that I notice most critic stopped doing, that is recommend you to movies you will like or be pleasantly surprised by. Now I will always give you a brief run down on the rating of the film and what the film is about.


 Okay so you might get a lot of these from me. Now I this is pretty much a wild card section. What ever I can get away with or go over I will do just that. So the best description for this category is that I can do anything and talk about anything like Anime, Urbane legends that I scare myself silly with, or even just me talking about monsters from out of the old monster stories we heard or never heard of as a kid.


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