Tuesday, December 31, 2013

30 BEFORE 30


    So I'm going to turn 25 years old. Now for a lot of you that might seem like a whatever thing. But for me that is not that, mainly because most people at this age are already working towards some career they want. While I finished a film degree and and working on a bachelors degree, and completely vague idea of what I want to do with the rest of forever. So believe it or not I made a list of thirty things to accomplish before the age of thirty years old. A list compiled of both personal and professional goals, and travel destinations that are not in any particular order because I first wrote this list down bye hand trying to keep the list to actually thing that can be accomplished. But some really stupid or crazy ideas may have slipped by with out my knowledge. 

1. To take a woman out on a proper date. : This is something that I wrote down because in all my near 25 years of life I have not taken any woman out on a REAL date we she knows I have romantic intentions or the other way around.

2. Write at least one book. : Yeah this is a goal I had ever since I was a kid reading Goosebumps, Sounder, or other books that I read often. 

3. Lose wight and keep the weight off. : This is mainly for health reasons, my family has a history  of diabetes; I want to live till I'm one 100 years old,and keep my foot while doing it. 

4. Learn to sail the seven seas. : Okay when I was in the navy I loved it when we did traveled, and wanted to get a house-boat. But the sad thing is house-boats are not actually made to go out over the seven seas.

5. Make a real film. : Yeah I have to put my film degree to good use some how.

6. Learn to surf. : I want to surf and be able to take pictures of others surfing simple as that.

7. Visit and tour around Hawaii. : There are many things that I wanna see and do all over Hawaii.

8. Relearn Sign Language. : When I was younger I had a crush on a preachers daughter who just so happened to be deaf. I learned sign language to talk to her. 

9. Visit and tour around Australia. : Same as Hawaii.

10. Relearn to speak spanish. : My mother is kind of disappointed that I don't know spanish any more. Every time she talks to me in spanish I give her a blank, cold, lifeless exprisian until she repeats what she said in english.

11. Kiss someone in the rain. : What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic.

12. Visit and tour around Europe. : Same as other travel destinations.

13. Sail on the open seven seas : Yeah I just want to live and travel on a boat.

14. Learn how to play an instrument. : Yeah I also always wanted to learn how to play guatir when I was in my teens but that didn't work out, but still wanna play an instrument.

15. Finally go to comic-con at least one year. : I'm never been to Comic-con. Do you know what it's like to be a nerd that's never been there. I'm the laughing stock of the nerd community.

16. Find out how to Cosplay. : I just want to dress up as Jason Todd or even Aqualad.

17. Go to a musical for the first time. : I never really been to a musical but want to go. I mean many that can be a date idea.

18. Cook a fancy meal for a fancy lady. : I love to cook and for some reason I just want to cook for that special someone.

19. Start dressing grown man sexy. : So I actually like to dress up but don't have anything to dress up for.

20. Pay all my student loans. : I really hate being in debt.

21. Give important lecture about something important. : I really don't mind public speaking. I can remember when I was in high school giving bible studies.

22. Give an awesome worthy toast. : I'm guessing this goes with the public speaking.

23. Help out with an actual charity. : Yeah this is mainly for me. If I accomplish it you will never know.

24. Go on a cross country road trip. :

25. Create a dating method. : I have been single for the past four going on five years.

26. Make a really awesome web series. : Again gotta put my film degree to work some how.

27. Ride a roller coaster. : Yeah I acomplished this on DEC 12, 2013.

28. Take a trip to Rio. : Same as Hawaii.

29. Learn to laugh more. : Dude apparently I need to.

30. Let's try to help others accomplish they're goals or thirty before thirties. : Yeah I kind meet and help other people who also have goals to reach before they turn thirty.

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